Dandelion Dust

Have you ever watched dandelion dust
escape against gutter water
through the window of a moving bus?
Free, powerful by the hundreds by the thousand
all together free and powerful.

All together, spiraling up, spiraling down.
Against the surface of the bus and its tailwind;
by the command of nature, the dandelion dust
fight against nothing, the intention of post-spring.

Have you ever watched dandelion dust
in a fluorescent-lit room or as you turn the corner
to the mandated bus stop. Just one of these fairies,
like an octopus through water jerk gracefully
pulling you in, spiraling up, spiraling down.
And for thirty seconds you blow and dodge,
your focus on work, and money
status and the future are gone, you become
free, native, powerful: part of post-spring.

©Hubert Silva