Sauce on the Side (S.O.S.)

Sauce on the Side (S.O.S.) is an original video series featuring guests who share foods of special cultural significance within their heritage. AKIN is proud to share our guests stories with you.


S.O.S. Episode 1

Three cups chicken with Chris Kondracki

A traditional Taiwanese dish meant for a quick prep, quick cook, and a full belly! Watch as Chris Kondracki takes us back to the roots of this dish, and how it evolved through the generations within his family all the way up himself, and how when he cooks it for himself and friends it reminds us that food represents part of who we are.

Warning: Do not attempt to watch with an empty stomach!

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S.O.S. Episode 2

Ginataang manok with Nathalie Nera

It's back to school season, and instead of gourging on ramen and chips, we've got a killer new recipe for you guys. Check out our new recipe Ginataang Manok - a Filipino staple of coconut chicken. Featuring the amazing and talented Nathalie Nera, who talks to us about why food is so important in Filipino culture.

Warning: Do not attempt to watch with an empty stomach!


Mexican American sister Andrea and Bernice Navarrete bring dishes to AKIN and memories of their mother making these dishes growing up and bringing them to their elementary school.