Words. What a Mother Wishes to Say

By P.S. Jagpal

I'm sorry child
For you did not know the melting pot
Or, free education
Or fear from guns. The
Golden american dream that was whispered
You never saw the land of free
Forced with uncertainty
This is the age you are broken or turned to copper.

I'm sorry that you learned hunger that haunts you
Aches and pains in your bones from travel
No safe haven behind or forward
The screaming, the bitterness and helpless you felt.
This is the age you are broken or turned to stone.

I'm sorry that you could not be a child
Play with others your age, have toys like me
Run around and play on playgrounds
Eat sugary nonsense and watch cartoons
A sanctuary I couldn't create

I'm sorry for the years I've robbed you
How you seem to age overnight, you
Learned how broken the world really is
Where hatred and distrust grows

I'm not sorry for taking us this far
Please understand that hope is powerful too
It blooms besides you, small and mighty
I hope for a better life, that why you've
Grown so ancient in the past days

Please understand
This is the age you are broken
Or turned gold
Stay golden
My child.

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