"How many temples will you crush to find god?"

By P.S Jagpal

Searching forever.
Managing to distort the images seen,
too, foreign for the taste of god .
Not the ambrosia you had hope for.
Onto the next mountain top,
Next, forbidden island
Hidden depths, to uncover.

Questions for every visit, every journey
Seeking solace in each embrace
Looking for truth,
But tell me, young travelers what is it?
Kissing upon paradise but turning away after
You have touched it all.

Some temples you ran amok.
Entire monuments self-destruct.
Foundations crumble by your thoughts.
Without care and time, they fell one by one.

Others try,
You, destroy.
Piece by piece.
Unable to understand
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
Every fine detail,
Every minuscule moment,
Creates Galaxies.
Desperately searching for more
too, Different.
too, Strange.
too, weird.
You carved holes
In these temples.
Did you,
Realize in all those
There was

They didn’t need your worth
Nor lack of knowledge
Or abuse,
To be Glorify.
Others worship.

Did you,
Understand the secrets that were shown?
Love, is the story.
Acceptance, was the opening
Truth, ties it together

Is everywhere. In everything. In you.

Those temples are sacred!
Are special!
Are beautiful!
Even after your imprints of kamikaze,
Those temples are still standing,
Where is yours?

Go find your god,
In you.