(enGLISH) adjective. Of similar character; related by blood. 

(Tagalog) Noun. "mine." Diversity, opportunity, visibility. Community.

AKIN is a creative platform whose purpose is to showcase the works of artists of color and celebrate culture in a way that is more than exclusive. By coordinating and collaborating with artists of color and producing our own original content in all different mediums of artistic expression, AKIN strives to create a collective of talented, young artists in which other people of color can see themselves. AKIN's mission is to increase the representation of artists of color in the entertainment, music, film, studio art, literary, and media industries by sharing works of art that communicate cultural stories on various forms of media and our website. #ThisIsAKIN


Ruthie / Founder & Artistic Director

Ruthie Ofrasio is a recent graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for Drama. When she’s not trying to take over the world with AKIN, she’s trying to take over the entertainment industry as a Filipino-American actress. Wanna know more about what she’s doing? Catch her serving serious food & looks at Filipino restaurants Maharlika and Jeepney in the East Village on most evenings of the week.

@ruthie.ofrasio | ruthie@thisisakin.com


Peyton / Social Media Director

Peyton Emery is currently a student at New York University focusing on media studies and communications, as well as gender/sexuality studies and producing. Yes, they realise that sounds obnoxious and unnecessarily long, but education is POWER. Find them on Instagram, @itmepey where you can stay up-to-date on their escapades running around New York and being tired all the time. 

Meet our team!

Here are some of our fabulous faces behind AKIN’s original productions.


Hubert / Chief Content Director

Born in Manila and raised in Queens, Hubert Silva has been exposed to all different cultures along the 7 Train and holds cultural identity as a treasure. After graduating from Hunter College with a BA in English and Literature, Hubert began to absorb the social and political climate of the country and believes it’s time to really start pushing the underrepresented narrative to the forefront. One way he does this is by letting his queer freak flag fly every costume holiday and goes out as his drag persona, the fabulous Maggie Savor. Instagram: @hubesilog

Good 2.JPG

Sam / Chief Financial Officer

Sam Midwinter is AKIN's Chief Financial Officer, dealing with all things business for AKIN.  She recently graduated from NYU, and is now daylighting as the most exciting job in America, an accountant. Fun fact: No one has ever correctly guessed Sam's ethnicity.