by Micheal McMillan

Yo! This has been weighing on me. Did I just see that? ...throw toilet paper into a crowd of individuals who have experienced something I can't imagine happening to me in my lifetime? Are your literally shitting me? Shooting it like he was at the fair! That county fair! Or on some prestigious golf course because you ate too many chilly dogs and slugged Dow too many rock gut brews or cheap scotch! Ooooh shittttt!

That shit ain't even funny! Like a fucking handout! Tuskegee like! Shit I be saying after hearing a wet fart--- check your draws! But this shit here doesn't even warrant such a phrase!

Like the dudes who shoot the free shirts into the crowd at a baseball game! This shit ain't baseball! Ave Maria! Damn! And he plays this shit like a game show host!

Oh Shit! The audacity! To treat human beings as objects. Show pieces.

THIS DUDE THREW TOILET PAPER INTO A CROWD THEN PROCEEDED TO SHOOT IT LIKE HE WAS IN HIS BACKYARD at people who had experienced tragedy and needed to swallow their pride and raise their hand up because they need to clean their ass.

I'm surprised no one threw it back at him. The fucking gumption. Smh.

All I got to say now is next time toss your busted ass head piece so I could wipe my ass properly!

Not even the photos which depicted the depression, not that my ancestors felt this so hard because the majority of our existence was and should be considered 'depressive', depicted any person tossing toilet paper into a needy crowd of human beings!

The people of Puerto Rico already had it hard. You said it emphatically before you started slinging jumps shots! Damn. "Rub it in will ya? Like I'm going to need to when I have to take the first shit I've been able to wipe my ass with something at least, I hope, is sterilized." (I don't know about that because your hands touched it.)

I'm glad you didn't pass the ball. At least I know your game, you 'nut'!

How would anyone in the park choose you with that form? Hell, with those lame ass tosses, back in the day you'd play right field in the last inning with US having a near mercy lead so that your parents would be satisfied. Then again, I'm sure that they are, given your societal pedigree.

Yo! This is crazy! Just imagine Obama taking a jump shot with toilet paper into a crowd of Russian citizens while visiting Krasnodar Krai after the Krasnodar Krai Floods with Putin smiling by his side. Or even Putin kicking penalty rolls into a crowd of citizens saying, "Typhoon Prapiroon could have been worse if it landed in your region." Just imagine him, or any world leader for that matter spewing out the things you said and the way you went about wanting a pat on the back.

Bottom line: you did what you were suppose to do. I'm sure that Putin cracked a chagrin at your ludicrously abhorrent actions. As well as my ludicrous idea that this would be even politically possible for Putin to even have any action such as that in mind for any people which Russia has come to aid. Also, understand this: Russians don't take too well to accepting handouts or fucking with their dignity.

And, Guess what? Puerto Africans don't either. Especially when you take a person's dignity, yes, wiping your ass should be dignified, and putting it on your thin canvass isn't how you display dignity or concern about another human beings tragedy.

Extend your hand to another human being-- To even consider making a display of people like this is an act of atrocity.

I'm a teacher. And as a pedagogue both my colleagues in the profession, as well as administrators and other staff members know that it is important to show a child a sense of dignity. In other words, recognize a societal standard and treat it with personal respect along with respecting others. So, if a child has a strong body odor, we won't just throw a bar of soap, a towel, and some deodorant in his face and say that you smell like ass! No, we won’t.

We will put items as such in a concealed object, such as a bag or box, pull the individual on the side and speak with them about the importance of good hygiene.

The majority of the time, that young person of dignity will respect the way in which you've treated them. And now it is your hope that this person would treat another human being in a similar position the same-- approaching the situation with their dignity in mind.

Not like a child who is a jokester or a bully, or even a tough love friend. And Since you ain't there as their friend, don't front; but at least know that karma is a b- What you do has reciprocity as it's spiritual guide.

But, nah! Had to do that shit! Fuck with another human being's dignity. I would surmise that this is why the morality of slavery is only minutely addressed-- or the genocide of a people in order to usurp their land.

But, nah! Just shit on 'em! Then throw them a bone! Open the wound and rub in the salt!

Think about it: How would like if a man tossed you a role of toilet paper in front of your lady? Or your children? How would you feel?

Would you take it as a joke if your asscheeks were sealed tighter than the concrete and brick which holds up the Brooklyn Bridge? NAH! NOT AT ALL!

You'd take it, because you know you smell like ass, but you'll never forget how it was presented. In other words... 'Damn... Like that?'

Thanks. Next time just tell me the blatant truth. Here's some toilet paper to wipe your stank ass! You-! Shit like what was done, is hard to forget just ask a Puerto Rican. Shit! Ask... I have never seen such audacity! Oh, that's right, slavery. Genocide.

This way, the symbol of the color of the toilet paper and a weak ass jumper will represent both your pseudonymous intent as well as tinged twist to a saga that only wishes to be able to take a shit with some dignity.

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