Crystal Yu

AKIN'S very own multi-media artist takes her stab at some of her very first mixes titled, "Yes No Maybe So" and "The Feminine". After you finish listening to these pieces, make sure to check out her photography on our 'Featured' page.


Tina Yao

In celebration of the release of her 2nd EP S.H.O.T.S., the AKIN Team jams out in an exclusive session with Filipina R&B singer song writer, the enchanting Tina Yao. Featuring Vinnie Torres on keyboard.


Jessi Raymundo

"Think about that one person. I don't even have to say who specifically, because you'll automatically think of them."

martina watermark.jpg

Martina San Diego

Listen to her perform the title tracks of her last two EPs, as well as her first recorded cover in over a year!