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Why I am Tired of Hearing About P.F. Chang, Pei Wei and Panda Express as a Chinese American

by Chris Kondracki
Chris Kondracki is back! After debuting the first episode of AKIN’s S.O.S. (Sauce on the Side). Chris still has something to say about his experience when dealing with his upbringing with traditional Chinese food and chain Chinese restaurants who advertise themselves as such.

”It’s worth noting that all the founders of P.F Chang’s, Pei Wei, and Panda Express are either White or Chinese American. Also, more fun, not a single person on the executive board of Pei Wei is of Asian descent (they purposely try to hide this on their website).”

AKIN collaborates with Gerrie Lim, the photographer and mastermind behind the Chasing Colors Project. Gerrie hopes to transcend the P.O.C. community by using people of color as their primary subjects in their storytelling.

Mexican American sister Andrea and Bernice Navarrete bring dishes to AKIN and memories of their mother making these dishes growing up and bringing them to their elementary school.

Dash/American the Podcast with James Barbosa an Army Veteran shedding some light on the experience of being POC in the military; before, during, and after serving.

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